Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scandinavian Paper Heart Baskets

She's Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic, and definitely looks the part. Today, she made her first paper heart basket, with (lots of) help from Mom.

After seeing a photo on the internet of a little girl dressed up for the feast of St. Lucia, she has big ideas about wearing a crown and serving us breakfast in bed. I have a feeling this will be more work for me than her, but it may be a fun thing to do, making her dream come true.

OK, and her mom's dream, too. I mean, how cute is that?

Via Flickr:
Instructions found here. I used cardstock and it worked fine.


أخبار الدولار said...

such a cute little child =)
kids always make us smile : )

Wendy said...

I could have helped with this! I always made a few new ones every year for the tree. My mom would put candy in them for me to find.

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