Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Little Ballerinas


OK, I stopped. No more microblogging. Yes, it was irritating and dropping my visits. Sorry about that. Follow twitter if you like.

The open house went well. We supposedly had several interested people, and someone called for a showing today. I'm hoping it's someone wanting a second, confirming look before they make an offer. I can dream, right?

Rowan doesn't have dance class this week, for Thanksgiving break, so we're enjoying a relaxing morning. Well, as relaxing as making sure your house looks perfect and doing all the laundry can be. At least I'm still in my jammies at 8:48 AM.

The potty training struggles continue, but I feel like we had a bit of a breakthrough yesterday. She tried really hard to use the potty often, of her own volition. We had one small accident, but she begged to nap in panties, and managed to sleep for 2+ hours without wetting. She still wore a pull-up to bed and wet it, but that's completely understandable. I have no qualms with nighttime help if we can manage to get the day dry and clean.

Anya had her 6 month well visit yesterday, with a CNP who's also a friend from Band. She's perfectly healthy (except for a little patch of dry skin on her leg that we're treating, no big deal) and is officially "so cute, she's a Gerber baby!" She's slowed a little on her growth, down to the 50-53% for height and weight, 78% for head size. Like her sister, her chart is kind of up and down, but this is good for me as she's not yet outgrowing most of her 6 month clothes.

And the BIG NEWS! Anya had her first solids yesterday!!! 6 1/2 months old, organic oat baby cereal. Aaaaaannnndddd... she had absolutely no interest. Barely opened her mouth, thrust them out right away, didn't look interested at all. Didn't protest, but just not into it. She loves to sit in the booster at the table for meals with us, but purely for social reasons. So, we'll try again later.

With her, I've decided to just use Rowan's booster, as it works great for a highchair and takes up so much less space. She sits up fine, can be up at the table or use the tray that comes with it, and it's easily cleaned, so it works fine. Rowan prefers a big chair now, as well as big plates, big forks and spoons, her own cloth napkin and real glass glasses.

She's trying so hard to be a big girl. She talks often of turning 4, then 5, then going to Kindergarten. She can't wait. Just like her Mommy, she loves school and thrives there. I had her first conference this week, and her teacher said Rowan is thrilled to be there and loves everything about school (except going to the potty, but that's nothing new.) I was the same way; go figure I'd become a teacher. She is like me in that she likes a plan, structure, and lots of fun activities--and hates being bored. She's already begging to stay for the preschool lunch bunch and wonders why she can't be there for the afternoon session, too. She just doesn't buy this "Mom likes to have time with you, too" thing.

And yet, she still crawls into my lap every day for a snuggle. I'm treasuring every single one.

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