Friday, November 19, 2010

Is this microblogging horribly irritating? And other stuff.

I'm sorry. Yeah. I was getting a bit stressed out because I wasn't updating the blog often enough (and didn't want to get in trouble with Blogher), so I pinged it. I hope it's not driving you crazy. It's much easier to ping than update all my social networking sites, so I've been lazy.

But here's what's happening in my life.

We found a house. Did I tell you this? I can't remember, and am too lazy to scroll back to find out. Yeah. So. We were thinking of redoing our flooring (because carpet is gross and never ever ever gets clean) and some windows in our townhome because we thought that we were stuck here anyway, might as well make the best of it. Then our friend (a mortgage guy) told us we could likely get a bigger mortgage for close to our current payment--one that would actually buy a house. Like with a yard. And a big living room. Bedrooms for each kid so naptime isn't such a crazy juggle. A basement. And a garage. A deck. Did I mention the backyard?

So we started looking. Didn't take long. 3rd of the first 4 houses we saw. Perfect. They are holding it for us as "sale pending" until January, but we have to sell this one.

So, we've been cleaning, magic erasing, touch up painting, staging, storing extra junk off site, breaking the attic stairway and generally just finding out how filthy our home really was. (It was nasty. Really gross. And once again, I really hate carpet.) Worked like crazy, manically. Poor Rowan, babysat by the TV during much of this--she really was a trooper. So it's ready. We had an open house.

Nobody showed up.

Yesterday, I got my first call for a showing. I was over the moon!

Today, they cancelled.


So that's what's up. It's like a state of suspended animation. I know it hasn't been long, but it's still frustrating. So close, yet so far. I know it hasn't been long yet, but still.

We've bought our tickets to go back to North Dakota for Christmas, and coupled with earnest money on the house, Dr. B's summer funds still not included in his paycheck, several consulting jobs that still haven't paid him, various expenses and more to come--well, we're broke. It sucks, big time. I am a bit frustrated because really there's nothing I can do about it. Christmas will be really, really lean this year. Thankfully, they're probably too little to notice. Our family understands that our presence is their present. At least I hope they do.

And for Thanksgiving, I have zero motivation. We've decided on Enchiladas. I might make them with ground turkey. You know, because it's festive. We had the church Thanksgiving dinner last week, so I figure that counts.


OK, it's out of my system now. I think.

So here's some cuteness to make up for my irritatingness. Will you forgive me?

Best of the Day. Not saying much.


The Bold Soul said...

You aren't being irritating. Just honest. Sometimes, life is a pain in the ass and you just have to say that, and then get on with it. It will get better. The townhome will sell... all you need is ONE buyer. Our house on rue Marcadet was on the market for 6 months (keeping in mind Paris real estate moves at an escargot's pace anyway). We had 2 people come to see it, neither was remotely interested. We were getting discouraged, and then RIGHT before Christmas last year (the very last time of year I figured someone would be willing to buy a house), our buyer showed up. Paid a reasonable price close to the asking price. Done deal. Of course, this being France, it then took another 4 months to close the sale (in the States we could have done it all in 30 days if all parties had been willing... geez!) Anyway, it was all fine in the end, we found this great apartment to rent for a few years, and then we'll start looking to buy something "for keeps". And go through the craziness all over again. At least we don't have to repack some boxes that are in storage.

All will be well, and all will be well, and manner of things will be well.

Anonymous said...

I can't get over how much Anya has changed!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving with those sweet, beautiful little girls!!

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