Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Will I Be?

First thing in the morning
During the nightly tuck-in:

"Mommy, why you are tucking me in?"

"Because I love tucking you in."

"When I'm a big girl, what will I do?"

"I'll tuck you in, as long as you want. And when you don't want me to tuck you in, I won't, but after you fall asleep I'll sneak in and give you a kiss anyway."

"Mommy, when I'm a big girl, what will I be?"

"What do you want to be?"


"OK, you can be five."


Amanda said...


She is so sweet! When she was running in and out of the Sanctuary yesterday *every* time she passed me she called out (without breaking stride) "Hi Manda!"

Love that kid! It was nice to see Jeff, BTW! Felt like forever!

Misty said...

That sounds like something from a children's book. Precious!

Smylisha said...

Cute! I admit, I am quickly falling in love with your day to day activity postings. I love them!

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