Thursday, August 05, 2010

"Mom!!! She SMILED at me!!!"

She still checks on her first thing in the morning, before saying hello to us. As I sit checking facebook at night, I hear her get out of bed, and watch as the video monitor goes all wonky when she leans over Anya's bassinet for one last look.

"Rowan!!! Get OFF her!!!" I must yell that fifty times a day. Yesterday, she even knocked the bouncy chair backwards by leaning over it. Anya was squalling like a cat in a rain barrel. "I was just giving her some love!!!" I know, I know. "Honey, just love her a bit more gently, OK?"

She loves her sister. And now she's starting to see: her sister loves her, too.


Julie said...

Isn't that the best - to see them start to form that bond? I'm waiting for the first time my two conspire against the parents!

The Bold Soul said...

That is just the cutest picture ever! She looks so happy with her little sister, who looks so "at home" in big sister's arms. FRAME THIS ONE for your wall. You'll want it to remind you that they once adored each other... when they are teenagers and Rowan wants to beat the crap out of Anya for borrowing her best sweater without permission.

Seriously. It could happen.

Roxanne said...

So cute! Hugs to both :)

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