Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Crying Game

She had a good morning. A friend came to play, we had lunch, and her friend's mom came to get her friend around 12:30. Though it was a little late for Rowan, who normally naps around 12, I figured she could make it.

We headed up for the nap. She was crying already. Cried while we put toys away. Cried as we climbed the stairs. Cried, asking for Advil and water and to have her fingernails and toenails clipped. She climbed into bed, still crying.

"You've had your Advil, you've got your water. Here are your babies, here's your blanket. Lucy gave you kisses, I gave you hugs. Why are you crying? Is there anything else you need, Honey?"

"Moooooommmmmyyyyy!!!" she wailed, "I just need to crrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy!!!!"

Sometimes, she's just so wise.

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The Bold Soul said...

My younger step-son, age 8, is King of the Melt-down sometimes. Partly I think he is just one of those Highly Sensitive Kids who sometimes need gentle handling and a bit of extra effort. At other times, I know darn well he's just milking it, trying to get his way. He has an older sister on his mother's side who is famous for that sort of behavior and his mom is also very VERY emotional (and not in a good way) so either he comes by this naturally or he's picked up some bad habits along the way. We just try to handle it with as much patience (and firmness) as we can; he's entitled to his feelings, and it's our job to teach him how to cope with those feelings and what is or is not appropriate behavior. (For instance, it's ok to feel frustrated but NOT ok to scream at me or his father like a maniac BECAUSE he is frustrated.) I was a rather sensitive child myself so I try to remember how it felt when my emotions just got the better of me and the tears just HAD to flow, whether I wanted them to or not.

Rowan is a very wise girl, indeed.

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