Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Welcome to Cardboard City

So we're here! Officially Pennsylvania residents, and we're doing our part to fill up the local dumpster with cardboard. We've got a teeny path through which we can walk, but we're sleeping in our own beds and Dr. B even cleared me a spot on the couch where I can sit down tonight. Yes, sit! I'm excited.

I've come to a few conclusions: we have too much junk. I have waaaaaayyyy too much cooking/serving/eating/drinking stuff. (Perhaps this is why I am not a size 2.) I have way too many shoes. And clothes. And handbags. And books (but you can't blame me entirely for that one.)

Though we don't have as much kitchen space or basement storage, we do have big closets, 2 linen closets (we had zero in the other place), and central air. Hallelujah for that! Our internet was hooked up today, and as soon as I find the router, we'll even be wireless. We'll figure it all out, though it may take a while.

Rowan is growing and changing every day. Her newest trick is to wait until we are busy doing something and start fussing, until we run over to check on her. Then she laughs at us.

Great. Manipulation starting at 3 months old.

However, she is loving the stinky feet game, which is pretty fun for all involved. You smell her feet, say "Pew!" in a high pitched voice, and she laughs. It's pretty adorable, I must say. (And her feet don't stink yet, unlike her Mom's.)

So, you may hear from me occasionally, when I take a break from unwrapping more crap we really don't need but keep moving around with us anyway.

Right now I'm going to bed. It's been a long day.


The Bold Soul said...

Congratulations - you made it safe and sound, and you're all together again at last. Happy new home!

mage2001 said...

you are definitely not the only ones to move and take every thing that you own with you... I have done it - just last year and have a 1 -2 boxes of kitchen items (which we have room to store) in the basement, but I did move 5 or 6 extra ones, went through them and then donated the rest that wouldn't fit. I can't even remember what was all in there.
you will get through it and will be done in short order.
I think we all like toys and that's what your kitchen gadgets are - right? right. i too have too many - still have some down stairs from my kitchen... er... mayhap I should just grab the big whisk that I keep missing that I know is in there and chuck the rest, er... I mean donate it. :) you are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

After leaving GF in '93 we have had 5 moves and were grateful for each one as it does force one to get rid of the CRAP!! Jon and I have come to the conclusion that we need to move from here as we have accumulated CRAP AGAIN!! Course we could just get busy and go through it all but that wouldn't be fun!! B

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