Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Deal

Dr. B has been very busy at work, building his new program and wanting to impress (or at least not tick off) the people around him, so managing the household is pretty much left up to me (except for the AM and PM Lucy walks--he takes care of them.) With a house full of boxes and a 3.5 month old baby, I don't exactly have all my ducks in a row yet, but I'm working on it, slowly but surely. After waking up several days in a row with an aching back, I gave myself a little more slack when it comes to unpacking (and it helped--my back feels much better now). Dr. B promised to help more on the weekend, and I took him at his word. As long as I was able to sit on the couch again, find clean towels, clothes and dishes, and had a bed to sleep in, I could survive.

On Friday night, we were invited to a colleague's home for supper and dog-acquainting. Rowan had another of her no-nap days (after several blissful sleeping-through-the-night and 3 hour nap days), so I was a bit frazzled when he got home from the U. After helping him to find a pair of casual pants to wear (searching his closet and the laundry bin, and subsequently rejecting 5 or 6 options for various reasons), I asked him to change her pants and her outfit so I could also change out of my unpacking clothes, slap on a little lipstick and fluff up my hair.

He laid her on the couch, and got ready to change her pants. Overheard, from upstairs...

"It's naked time! Whoopee! Naked time! Are you ready?"

"Goooo!!!!" (that was Rowan.)

"Ok, here we go. Are you wet or poopy? Just wet. OK, no problem."

He pulls the diaper out from under her.

"Alright. So, I have to reach over there for another diaper. Now, don't pee. It will be just a second, so don't pee. Do we have an understanding?"

"Gaaaahhh!" (Rowan again.)

I am sure you can see where this one is headed.

He reaches for the diaper, and in that split second--you got it.


All over the couch and his carefully chosen pants.

"Hey! Ack! What the... Argh! We had a deal! We had an accord!!! I thought we had an understanding!!!"

Rowan: "Goooo!!!"

Then, she giggled.

Yep. She knows exactly what she is doing.


PutYourFlareOn said...

Hehehee. Next time don't put on the good clothes unless the baby has a diaper on. I can totally hear Dr. B saying, "Hey! We had an accord!!!"

so cute.

Miss you guys!!

The Bold Soul said...

Isn't it amazing how your kids know how to push your buttons from BIRTH? It's like they have built-in "how to drive my mom and dad nuts" radar. I've seen it with every single person I know who has had kids. They never pull that stuff with outsiders, just with their parents. My infant nephew once "cheezed" all over his father's head when his dad was picking him up and lifting him up high - it was like he got pigeon-bombed! The kid never did that with anyone else no matter how much we bounced him around. That same kid is now 20 and halfway through college and still driving his parents crazy, only now it's about money, his car, grades and responsibility. It will always be something until one day THEY have kids of their own. Then you and Dr. B can sit back and LAUGH.

mage2001 said...

Heeheehee...poor Dr. B...
but take heart - it happens to everyone (*or so they tell me!)

~steph~ said...

hey..congrats on the house! I'm still digging out of boxes in my new place..I moved in JULY. good times packing/unpacking.
Scott is loving being a daddy too. I don't think he has had a "pee on" experience yet. He and Jeff should exchange notes! Do you have their blog address?
Have fun settling in...

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