Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Motherlode

With no labor in sight, I taught a full day on Friday. French at a middle school--not a bad assignment. It was a tougher school, but generally, the kids in French classes aren't too difficult, I know the subject matter very well, and I've found that they tend not to mess with me too much when they see just how pregnant I am. Though I'm not very "big" on the scale of pregnant women due to my freakishly long torso (one girl asked me yesterday if I was 4 or 5 months along), an announcement of my due date being "Wednesday", usually results in a few jaws scraping the floor. Even the tough kids back off when they hear that, telling me about their mothers or aunts or sisters who are expecting, and hoping I don't go into labor right then and there. Heh! Whatever works!!!

After school, I planned to hit a garage sale I'd seen listed on Craig's List. Y'all know I love me my Craig's List. After a successful find a few weeks ago of a complete starter set (with extras she added when I arrived) of G diapers for about 1/4 of the cost online, I had a sneaking suspicion that my Craig's List luck may have run out, but decided to perservere nonetheless.

This sale was listed as "everything you need for baby", so I hoped to find a few things we didn't have yet, though I didn't count on it. I was showing up at the end of the day on day 1 of a 2 day sale, so I knew my chances weren't great.

As it happened, we were in a tornado watch, so the sale people were pulling things inside when I showed up, about 3:30. They didn't have anything I needed. I was a little disappointed, but figured I'd just have to keep watching the website for more, and I'd eventually find things.

"We don't have any of those things, but you should check their sale," the lady said, pointing down the street. "Keep driving around--there are lots of sales in the neighborhood."

And boy, was she right!!!

I found an exersaucer jumperoo, a swing, an older style baby gym, a travel bed and an antique wooden Jenny Lind highchair, that I will probably strip and refinish to match our table set and the hutch my grandfather built.

For all of this, I paid about what I would have paid for our highchair. (And that one was plastic.) And, I'm recycling!!!

Today, my cousin and her husband are going to help us pick up our crib, and then we should be pretty much set.

Except for one little thing.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited! I can't wait! And it's not even my baby!

If you need any help locally, post an SOS, because I'm local.

Anonymous said...

Each first pregnancy with Jenn and Kristi, we would hit the garage sales. Kristen took an old wooden high chair and painted and did cute design on it. Friends saw it and requested high chairs also. We were on the look out constantly and she gave them to friends as baby gifts. Found some stuff for Jenn and baby also....great wooden armed rocking cute we redid and covered it with some darling fabric for Joshie's rm....he still has it. B

phillippa said...

Congratulations! I got here through Aimee's blog. I love gdiapers too. I had my son in G's, but he's outgrown them and we haven't been unable to get more in France. Can't wait for our US trip in a few weeks to restock.

I just read some tips on apt. composting and am looking forward to throwing the soiled (with p) G's in. Best of luck with your near delivery.

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