Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas! (Cough, snort, barf)

Well, it took leaving France for the traditional "gastro" to find Dr. B. For the Americans, this is what we would call the stomach flu--when it's coming out both ends. Not pleasant. He's feverish, exhausted, and has slept most of the day.

I am getting over the cold that I "caught" (not really caught, it was pretty much forced upon me), though I am still coughing up a lung and dealing with daily nosebleeds. I am praying I don't get the flu--just what I would need during MagE's wedding in a few days.

But other than these things, which are so typically holiday fare, we have had a wonderful vacation.

After leaving Lucy at Jeff's parents, we spent Friday, Saturday, Xmas Eve and part of Xmas Day at my Dad's, where my "steps" (step sister, brothers, wives, husbands-to-be, neices and nephews) could be described as a hurricane on the Great Plains. Just sitting and watching them swirling around us playing with the toddlers, cooking, running around, working out, playing pool, playing Guitar Hero 1, playing Guitar Hero 2, watching movies, eating, drinking, fetching and carrying completely wore me out. I asked my dad, "is there a TV in your office? I just want to veg on the couch." Which in English means, "I am so exhausted and tired of all of these people being everywhere, I really need some peace and quiet for a little bit." He answered, "Yes, I'll show you how to work the remote." Which in English means, "Me, too. Let's get outta here." We snuck up to his office for a while on the 23rd and just talked in peace and quiet on the couch--it was lovely.

The next day, Dr. B and I assembled and wrapped presents (which were very well received), and then spent time going through the closet that's full of my Mom's things. We pulled out baby things for us, including my baptism dress, coat, bonnet and blanket, a Batman sweatshirt that is really, really cool, and some tiny leather booties with rabbit fur that I just couldn't resist. We left behind the book "Teddy Bear of Bumpkin Hollow" which Jeff is convinced is the reason I have a complex about him leaving me alone for any period of time. (This book seriously scared me when I was a kid. If it weren't an antique, I'd probably burn it.) We also found some wedding things and Christmas stuff for my sister, and seeing her tear up as I placed Mom's veil on her head was worth the dust up our noses, stretching and contorting into odd positions, and banging our head on the low ceiling that had been finished with swirly, pointy, pokey plaster.

My Grandparents visited Christmas Day, and we enjoyed the Skarphol Family Tradition of sitting around the kitchen table with coffee and food and talking, punctuated by bathroom breaks. Grandma is so excited about the baby, and even offered to let us use the dresser that my Grandfather had built for her first baby (Aunt Carol) 60 years ago. It was used by all my uncles and my dad as well, and will be treasured. Grandma knows I'd rather use something old with a history than something brand-spanking new.

We left around three, and hightailed it for Grand Forks, stopping only for gas and terrible coffee and Peanut M&M's (have to keep the sugar level up during the holidays). We made it in plenty of time to greet Jeff's parents and Lucy, who waited at the door for us. (Jean and Dick said she "knew" we were coming, even though they thought we'd be much later.) We ate a delicious meal after opening presents, and listened to my Mom's Xmas albums (taken from the closet) in their newly-finished basement over drinks. (Mine being cranberry juice and 7up, my favorite Preggo cocktail). Jean was tickled to see Mom loved Elvis, Andy Williams, Glen Campbell, Dean Martin and Jackie Gleason. Now I just have to find another copy of the Oak Ridge Boys' Christmas, because that was the only one my sister said she wanted.

So it's been a busy holiday, and except for the illnesses, it's been good. I am getting stronger, and am hobbling a few more steps without crutches each day. I will be walking, at least down the isle, on Dec. 31. And, I am starting to not be able to hide the fact that there is a little "B" on the way--or else I've just given up on sucking in. Blame it on the Christmas cookies.

We hope you and yours are enjoying some time off, and don't catch anything. Happy Boxing Day!


afoos said...

Merry Christmas Dr and Mrs B from France! Even though you were sick, sounds like you had an eventful holiday. Glad your health is on the mend. Take care of yourselves and Happy 2007!

Anonymous said...

Flu is certainly going around. On our early Xmas with Jenn's group Jake threw up in the middle of dinner on his favorite Papa! and all the way to the bathrm. Next came the cold which Mikey already had....they arrived in Minot at Jai's folks Sat night and Mikey threw up in bed in the middle of the night. Guess Jenn got a touch of it and then Jai. We left K and R's today and Mattie had a bad cold. TAlked to Vicki and Doug is getting over pneumonia and sounded like Vicki was next...she sounded trrrible! Hope Nannie doesn't get it .....I pick her up at Fargo airport tomorrow and drive her home....I am thinking positive thoughts and telling myself that I am not feeling a sore throat and achiness.....Oh well seems tis the season (flu that it) B

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