Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My girl

...on a rainy day..., originally uploaded by MrsBinParis.

She looks like me.

She loves things I love. Music. Art. Dancing. Good stories.

She's stubborn.

She's got a lot of fears. Heights. Zombies (even though she doesn't really know what they are.) Changing tables. Being alone.

But she's really brave, too. And she keeps trying. She works to conquer her fears.

She loves people. She wants to be everyone's friend. She believes everyone is her friend, even when they don't know who she is. She wants the whole world to love each other. She doesn't understand why some people do mean things. But she forgives them, right away. Because they are her friends.

She gets bored easily, so she sings songs she makes up, paints a new picture, dances to some music, explores and comes back with a handful of flowers, for me.

She says, "I love you!" Often. And she smiles. It warms your heart. She giggles, and everyone around her smiles, too.

I watch her, and I wish I could know more. I wish I knew what I was like at her age. I wish I knew what worked, and what didn't. How to solve the problems I can't figure out. I wish I knew what my mom felt when I was the four year old, and she was the one struggling and enjoying every minute.

Then, she does this. As I'm snapping away, she sticks her tongue out, and I see it. She's got something of her, too. Her grandma's sense of humor, apparently, is in the genes.

And I know, I'm blessed.

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