Monday, May 30, 2011

Retour de Chine

He's home., originally uploaded by MrsBinParis.

It was a long week without him, while he was doing business in Beijing and enjoying some tourist time in Xi'an, but he's home.

We've survived with careful planning, praying for patience, some extra treats, plans with friends, and lowered expectations. Made it through the beginnings of summer colds, thunderstorms, and preschool field trips with only a few text messages.

At 11 PM, I bundled the sleepy girls into the car, and pulled up just as his plane was landing. He pulled gifts out of his bag, momentos of his trip to the other side of the world. Then he dug into a plate of good old American leftovers, popped open a beer, and relaxed on the sofa, watching a Chinese movie.

Jade is supposed to bring you luck. It must have worked. He's home.

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Mylisha said...

Incredibly sweet. I really like reading your posts.

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