Monday, February 14, 2011

Very Personalized Valentines

Rowan's Valentines, 2011

I saw a link to a blog a few weeks ago with a very cool and clever idea for Valentine cards, and I figured, why not give it a try? So after a few photo snap sessions, we got the shot. Though iPhoto doesn't allow you to add text to photos, I scoured the internet for some help, and found a thread that discussed how to easily edit and add text to a photo using Preview on a Mac. (I had no idea Preview could do all the things it can do!) I added text, including some little hearts, and emailed my photo off to be printed. A few slits cut with a sharp knife, a lollipop added, and here you have it: Rowan's Valentines 2011. We passed them out at her preschool Pancake and Strawberry party today, and they were a big hit. (The photo of the photo makes it look weirdly photoshopped, but it wasn't in person.)

Valentines for the Teachers, 2011 (We made flower pens.)
For her teachers, we added a little adult treat. Regular ball point pens with a flower attached by floral tape and some green electrical tape made a sweet addition to the cards. We made a few extras for at home, since I'm always hunting for a pen in my kitchen. These are easy to spot with their pink petals waving in the breeze.

And this morning, we celebrated together with pain au chocolat, strawberries, yogurt and espresso--our own tradition for special days like birthdays or Valentines day. It's a sweet way to start the day!

We hope you are having a lovely Valentine's Day!


jo said...

Great idea Ronnie! Too cute!

Wendy said...

Rowan looks SO much like you in that picture, it's uncanny!

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