Sunday, September 05, 2010

Pink=Girl. DUH.

Day One:

Pink flowered summer one-piece outfit, with ruffles.
Pink socks.
Pink flowered shoes.
Pink pacifier with pink floral ribbon clip.
Denim bib. (I guess this is my mistake.)

"What's your brother's name?"

Day Two:

Black, white, TWO shades of pink and red flowered top with a bow.
Light and dark pink striped pants.
Two-toned pink socks.
Pink pacifier with pink floral ribbon clip.
Pink mary-jane shoes WITH pink flowers.

"This little fellow is really wide awake!"


If it happens again, I think I'm going to have to write, "I may not have hair*, but I have a vagina!" on her head. In Sharpie. PINK Sharpie. With glitter.

Drag queen on dolores park

*Her sister also didn't have hair at this age. In fact, she didn't have hair until she was at least a year. She's now three, and it hasn't even hit her shoulders yet. I'm working with what I'm given, people. Give me a break!

Hilarious photo by gregoirevdb on flickr. Thank you!!!


Amanda said...

the photo is a PERFECT commentary!!! LOL

The Bold Soul said...

People are just unobservant idiots sometimes. Sure, it's occasionally difficult to judge a young baby's gender when they're dressed ambiguously but with all the PINK? What the eff is wrong with people?

Don't feel forced to put those baby girlie elastic headbands on her all the time, just to avoid the idiots; they just look really uncomfortable to me. :)

DeeAnn said...

Ugh people!! I just had someone ask me if Lilia was a boy or girl the other day! She is 2 1/2 yrs old w/ blondish ringlet locks past her shoulders!
I let her wear the red Elmo shirt because she would not change out of it, and she had on khaki shorts. So no pink, no bows etc. But she looks like a girl! People can just be kinda oblivious sometimes.

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