Friday, April 09, 2010

10 Fingers

34 weeks, 6 days., originally uploaded by MrsBinParis.
Sometimes, I feel enormous. Other times, I barely notice I'm pregnant. (That's usually when I'm vegging on the sofa and all crunched up under an afghan.) I get more tired, dizzy when I climb the stairs, and wake up often (to pee. Or because her father is snoring). As of 2 weeks ago, I'd gained 16.5 pounds (they don't tell me, I had to ask.) The baby weighs about 4 pounds now, though it feels like a lot more when I'm supporting my enormous bulge with my hands as we walk the dog up the hill to our house. Both Rowan and I are thankful for warmer weather, because our walk has shrunk from a mile and a half to a mile with a break in the middle on a grassy hill.

This pregnancy has been much easier on me than Rowan's. For one thing, I didn't tear my ACL, lock my knee and have to have surgery and physical therapy, nor were there the worries about the pain killers (and yes, I needed them. The pain was horrendous--much worse than labor). I was allowed to take Prilosec the whole time, so heartburn was a non-issue. I never barfed, and the morning sickness only lasted 10 days. And I guess I either knew what to expect, or after doing it once plus 17 months of breastfeeding, my body was more used to the wacky hormone surges.

Plus, we were here, where we are. Settled. No questions about the future, no worries about finding a job. And though I've heard others talk about their concerns about not loving a second child as much, I've had no feelings like this at all. The anxiety I felt when pregnant with Rowan has just been absent this time. It's been wonderful. The big leap from woman to mother was the hardest step--mother to two just seems natural. I am excited to meet my second daughter, and I can tell that the baby will be very different from her sister, unique in her own way. Dr. B is happy, and more relaxed about this one. I think he secretly is hoping that Bootsie will be a bit more like him. Rowan is so much like me, he jokes that I just budded. (Note, she has his bootie, his eyes, and many of his personality traits. She just looks like Mini-Me.) Rowan is so thrilled she can barely contain herself. I am blessed that her personality seems to be made to be an older sister--she loves having friends around, is very sweet, caring and thoughtful, and doesn't seem to struggle with jealousy. Yet, anyway.

Dr. B's grandmother Mitzi summed it up pretty well--"You have ten fingers on your hands. No matter which one you hurt, it hurts the same." They're all different, but they're all equally important, and they are all a part of you.

I am hoping this one is the part without colic. That would be good.


mage2001 said...

ha! i love what your Dr. B's gma said... LOVELY.
this post made me feel warm and fuzzy. i am excited for your whole family. and i too am hoping no colic... and a sleeper.

Mama Bear said...

Great post. The good news with an older sister is also that you have a runner, as in "Please help Mommy and go get..." while you are breastfeeding, changing a diaper or rocking a screaming child.
Plus the pictures you'll take of Rowan snuggling the baby will be priceless.
Still wish you lived closer, though. Then I could hold Rob's and yours together and get lots of that baby smell!

Heather Solos said...

You look great, congruatulations.

DeeAnn said...

You look amazing!! I can't wait to see photos of Bootsie! Love the quote by Grama Mitzi.

Charlotte : ) said...

I look roughly that round 2 years postpartum. : ) You look fantastic! And the second one is an easier adjustment, definitely. You seem super grounded and ready. Good luck with the remainder of the pregnancy! : )

PutYourFlareOn said...

I can't wait to meet Bootsie. Hey, maybe she will be the complete opposite to Rowan and have no colic! I hope so for you because I am feeling the sleep deprivation STILL at 4.5 months. I know you KNOW this so well.

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