Friday, January 22, 2010

Trying to get over it.

I have an awesome new camera. And it has intimidated the heck out of me. Now, I have an awesome new laptop. So yeah, the problem is with me and taking the time to learn the new technology. But, I've bit the bullet and begun. It's not perfect or amazing yet, but at least I've started. I'm giving myself credit for taking the leap. (Yes, credit involves chocolate. Of course.)

So here's a little slideshow of some of my favorite Christmas photos. In this set, you'll see lots of Rowan, both sets of grandparents, and very little of me. One may not be available, because it's an absolutely adorable bath photo, but if you're a friend I've approved on flickr, you can go see it there. Trying to keep her nakedness private, just in case. (But it is a darn cute little bathtub smile.)


1 comment:

PutYourFlareOn said...

I love seeing pictures of Rowan. :)

I'm telling you 365 photo project. It's going to be a good way for you to learn to use your camera! Do it! Do it! And get yourself in front of the camera too. Timers are fun. :)

I love the bowling photos. They crack me up every time.

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