Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Child

This has nothing to do with my kid.

I'm referring to Julia. THE Child.

My New Year's Resolution this year is to watch more movies. Like eat more fish, wear more skirts, and eat more salads, it will be one I'll enjoy keeping. I may even spend less time on Facebook! (No promises.)

Since my in-laws were here, it wasn't hard to start. I married into a movie family. Last night was Angels and Demons (meh, not bad, not great), then today The Tales of Despereaux (I only caught the end, but that was really good.) Tonight, Julie and Julia.

I liked it! I was a little bit jealous, though. My expat blog still has not been picked up for a movie, and I'm pretty sure Nora Ephron would do a nice job directing. Some of my expat blogger friends had already discussed casting, too. (They liked Reese for me.)


Back to Julie/Julia. Love Merryl, of course. And the food, oh the food. I am craving duck as I type.

But the thing that got me the most?


I miss it, so much. And not just the Paris you visit. The Paris you live. Because it's different, it just is. The banter with the guys at the marché. Finding "the good butter". Impressing the lady that sells the good butter by admonishing her husband when he tried to pawn second-best off on me, enough so she always had it at the ready and saved some for me, because she knew I'd show up late. So she offered to mail it to me when I tearfully told her we were leaving for the US, for good. The amazing bread, the happy homeless guy who loved our dog, evening walks up la rue Mouffetard and the beauty everywhere you looked.

When I was there, I missed the US. Here, I miss France. My heart isn't sure where home is, perhaps somewhere suspended above the Atlantic.


Wendy said...

I adore Julie & Julia for the food and the idea of Paris but even more so because of the scene where Julia learns her sister is pregnant. I had damn near the EXACT same reaction on Christmas Eve when Marty's brother and his wife announced they were expecting.

Anonymous said...

I loved the movie, too! I loved how Julia embraced Paris, the French and the culture. Meryl Streep just captured Julia's mannerisms and personality, as she always does. I thought Amy Adams was great, too. For Christmas my hubby surprised me with the French Chef dvds and Larousse Gastronomique!! The Larousse will take years to go through...

Loulou said...

The movie did capture Paris beautifully and I can't imagine watching it after having to leave.
Hope your heart finally finds its way home, where ever that may be. :)

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