Saturday, June 13, 2009


Rowan, color

Rowan is a surprisingly strong little girl. She always has been. I felt my first kick at 14 weeks of pregnancy, and it was nothing like those flutters they tell you about--it hurt! Physically, she's got a lot more stamina than most of her friends, so I'm able to push her in ways you might not expect of a 2-year old.

The other night, her dad was not coming home for dinner, so we were on our own. She took an extra long nap and woke after 5 PM, and I wanted to help tire her out so I could get her to bed at the right time. We went to take Lucy on our usual walk, but this time I offered to let her walk the whole way instead of riding in the stroller for 3/4 of the walk.

Our walk is 1.4 miles. She's done a mile before without a problem, so I decided to give it a try.

I leashed Lucy, and then grabbed Rowan's Elmo walking harness handle thing.

Yeah, I leashed her. I LEASH MY CHILD. Cruel, whatever. We live on a 35 mph road, and at 5 PM I am not taking any chances.

So we took off walking, and she was doing great. Down the hill we went, the two of them criss-crossing in front and behind me. Lucy would stop to smell a tree or clump of grass, and Rowan would do the same. We walked past the park, up the hill, and around the corner. We met neighborhood dogs and talked to people we see on our daily walks. Rowan was doing fine--she was going strong! This was wonderful. No problem! I envisioned days without wrangling with the second-hand Peg stroller, without the "Rowan walk? Rowan walk?" arguments, free as a breeze as we walked together as a family.

As we were heading back up the hill, Rowan started to get a little fussy. I gave her a lift on my back for a few blocks, and she giggled and held on tight as Mom took on the steepest part of the hike. As we reached the corner where I normally allow her out of the stroller, she begged to walk again. Lucy took this chance to finally do her business, and I dutifully bagged and sealed it as we headed home. It was supper time, we were hungry, hot and sweaty and both in need of a cool drink.

Just then, Rowan tripped.

And then it started. The lip squared, the jaw jutted forward, the waterworks commenced. And then she wailed as her knee developed a dime-sized pink scrape.

My only thought? DISTRACT HER. Distract the kid. Give her something so she stops. STOPS. Anything! QUICK!!!

"Here, Honey! Can you carry this for Mommy?"

And I found myself handing her the only thing I had.

The bag of poop.

Yes, I leash my precious child and make her carry sacks of dog shit.

Someone call Child Protective Services.



The Bold Soul said...

Classic! Before you know it, you can teach her to scoop it into the bag, too. I'm not crazy about the leash thing either, but at the same time I think safety outweighs other considerations sometimes. Do what you need to do, I say!

La Rêveuse said...

Exactly! And I figure she is a lot safer if Mom isn't having a panic attack. She's pretty good about staying away from the road, but our road is really quick (35 mph) and people don't expect pedestrians and will just turn without looking, so I'd rather know I can yank her back if I need to! (Plus, she really lollygags when she's on her own, and the 25 minute walk can take an hour.)

mage2001 said...

so.. did it work? did she stop crying?
and eh... i used to think the leashes were odd and why would you do that to your own child...
i got one as a shower gift and when Henry starts to toddle - don't think i won't be using it when i need to.
i totally get why now. absolutely.

La Rêveuse said...

Yep, and now she asks every time to carry the turd bag. (I say no.) She also asks for "Rowan leash?" Hey, it keeps her safe and keeps her going! I'll take it. :)

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