Thursday, June 19, 2008


Rowan and I spent two lovely weeks visiting family back in North Dakota (doncha know), while Dr. B toiled away here, sneaking back for a quick 1-day visit. While I was gone, he kept me updated by phone with what was going on and lots of "how do you..." questions. Basically, he was bored and not eating very well, so he did projects around the house. "It's really a mess around here," he said one night, "I need to straighten up. I leave a lot of crap around when you're not here to pick up or yell at me and when I don't have to worry about Rowan." He promised to pick up and even vacuum for me before I got home, something I had wanted to do before we left but hadn't had the chance until she was asleep (and then didn't want to take a chance on waking her).

We arrived late, collapsing on the sofa (Rowan in the crib) and ignored the house the next day while we celebrated Father's Day. Then Monday came, and I began the big clean-up. I cleaned both bathrooms, mopped the floors (twice, because they were really bad--it had been a while), cleaned the kitchen and started the laundry. I vacuumed the entire house, emptying the canister several times, and put away clothes and various other junk we brought with us.

Dr. B came home.

"Wow! The floor looks... like a floor!" He said. "And the bathroom sink! How did you get it so shiny?"
"I cleaned it. That's what soap does. It leaves a film."
"Is that why you clean it so often?"
"Yeah, that would be why."
"Huh. Well. Um, I don't have any pants for tomorrow. Or underwear. Except the ones I don't like. The skeevy ones."
"Did you do any laundry while I was gone?"

He paused.

"Yes!" he said, with a big grin. "I washed some towels!"

I guess he does need me.


Mama Bear said...

In all my life I've never heard anyone say "doncha know", outside of the movie Fargo. Don't go giving us a bad image now! :)

Anonymous said...

hey there....did you guys have a good time??
did you see nanny lots? she's coming to burl for 2 weeks in july - can't wait to see her !

La Rêveuse said...

We had a great time. Spent some time with each set of grandparents, and Rowan got to see all her great-grandparents, too. Had supper with Mitzi and went out for coffee, too. It was a busy place, with all the kiddos around--quite the whirlwind!

The Bold Soul said...

There are two household chores Georges really seems to avoid at all costs: washing dishes, and doing laundry. And the laundry is his least favorite of the two. He does most of the cooking. He does all the fix-it jobs (which I could actually do myself but he liked doing them). He even cleans out the cat box about 90% of the time. And he HAS done dishes. But in the 9 months I've been with him, I have yet to see him wash a single dirty sock.

With only a hint of embarrassment, he admits it: he hates doing laundry and has only does it maybe FIVE times in his entire life. This is why he's willing to pay a cleaning lady. And before he hired her, he almost always had a woman (or his mother when he was a lot younger) in his life.

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