Sunday, July 29, 2007

There's No Place Like Home...

We made it. Finally.

The movers came, packed, loaded, and took all of our junk (of which we still have way too much) off to Pennsylvania. Dr. B loaded Wonda the Honda on Friday morning, and drove all the way to State College while I helped the movers finish everything, cleaned our house, and got ready to stay at a dear friends' that night. Rowan was an angel, until I locked the door. Then all the bad luck that seemed to cruise right past us during the move came crashing in.

As we were loading the (now screaming) baby into the car, (near as we can figure) some yoho came by and stole my bag.

Not the one with the computer or the one with the Ipod.

They took the one with all my makeup, toiletries, hair dryer, glasses, contact lenses, prescriptions, dirty laundry and my favorite capri pants. Plus Rowan's cute new outfit from her second cousin Angie. Everything I needed for the next few days. Check that, months. They even got my toenail clippers and eyebrow plucking things.


We went back and scoured the area, but it was nowhere to be found. So, Target was hit and even just replacing a small portion of those items was quite a hit to the pocketbook.

Rowan had a fussy night, and I had insomnia. (Sigh.) Our friends were angels, helping us, feeding me and putting up with a screaming baby and a frustrated mommy who didn't even have shampoo to shower away the icky moving grit.

But, Saturday morning dawned, and the inlaws came to pick us up.

Then we tried to fit all our stuff we did have in their Jimmy.


Maybe it was a good thing I didn't have that bag. (Note to self: buy smaller suitcase. With that, Lucy's crate, and Rowan's car seat, there wasn't much space.)

So, I breathed shallowly on the way up to Minneapolis. We stopped for dinner at another good friend's house. It was wonderful.

Driving into Fargo at 12:30, trying to wake up for fear that my contact lenses would need to be surgically removed from my eyes, I heard a WHAM!!! from the backseat.

We hit a deer. Came out of nowhere, and took out the headlights and rammed the front real good.

We drove slowly on the side of the road, flashers blinking and a state patroller following us into the next town, where most of the lights were out for some unexplained reason. Found the first hotel with lights on, and got a room. There were no cribs left, so Rowan slept with me, and Lucy slept right next to me on the floor. The next morning, we had breakfast, rented another SUV (which my inlaws are presently driving back to Fargo because they wouldn't let us return it up here), and came home.

It felt so good to walk through those doors.

So now we're here, with spotty cell phone reception (call me at Jean and Dick's if you can't get me), comfy couches, air conditioning, and Harry Potter.

And the all-important swing that Great Aunt B. let Rowan borrow. Thank you, B! That's a lifesaver, that is.

So now? Time to rest and relax and do nothing. (Except the cooking and cleaning--Cinderellie owes her in-laws, BIG TIME.)


PutYourFlareOn said...

My gosh, Ronica... that is a lot to handle in such a short period of time. The wallet, the deer, the traveling and all that with a leetle baby. Glad to hear you made it safe.

I read comfy couches as diaper in French. I was like she's sitting on comfy diapers, she means Rowan, right? :) I'm tired. should go to bed. Glad to see you blogged! Let's catch up soon!


The Bold Soul said...

Well, it's not moving unless something goes wrong, yes? At least it's done. How rude of someone to steal your bag while you were coping with a crying baby, no less. Don't worry, their bad karma will come back to bite them in the ass sooner or later. At least you're safe and sound with A/C for the next little while.

~steph~ said...

Jayzus! Are you guys ok?
That is scary!

How are the pooches getting along?

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