Saturday, January 06, 2007

Just Desserts

We're back in Cheezland, and I am slowly beginning to get a handle on things. Because I can now walk (albeit more slowly and with a slight hitch), I am finally able to do things around the house again.

You can imagine that after 3 months, a shipment from France, Christmas, and virtually no cleaning by Dr. B (I don't blame him--he had to wait on me hand and foot) that this place is a mess. It will likely take me weeks to get it in shape, and it wasn't in perfect shape when this all happened anyway, as we were still moving in and figuring things out.

But Dr. B's favorite thing is that I can now go shopping again, drive myself, and cook dinner. We are no longer reliant on his kitchen stylings, and my simple meals make him very happy. He especially loves it when I do them à la française, with multiple courses. This sounds much more complicated than it is--we just have a main dish (last night was frozen pizza with some sliced mushrooms added--really, not fancy!), followed by salad (just leaves with dressing), and some little thing for dessert. This way we get time to talk and spend together, avoid watching TV, eat slower, and don't eat as much because it has time to digest and let our brains know we're full.

The other night, I made a delicious poached pear dessert that took all of about 2 minutes to prepare--just canned pears warmed with orange juice, allspice and nutmeg, honey and brown sugar, and topped with a little sour cream. (I've found that the crème fraiche here is nasty, but Daisy brand sour cream is virtually indistinguishable from the french CF). Yummy. (Yes, I totally stole this idea from Sandra Lee.)

Then yesterday, at the supermarket, I was tickled to find a new product. Yes, it's corny, cheesy, and totally geered toward my demographic, but I don't care.

For the next 6 months or so, the real ones aren't in my future, so I'm going to enjoy this kind. And at 14 cents a serving, how can you go wrong? I made it in wine glasses so it would feel more "adult". Heh. (Dr. B loved it, too.)


The Bold Soul said...

I had to send my sister a link to the Jello -- she loves a good margarita and this is one she can make for her kids. Thanks for the tip! Very glad to hear you're on your feet again; I was laid up for 3 months some years ago with a busted leg and ankle and I remember how great it felt when I could drive and go food shopping! Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Chelee said...

I LOVE the Daisy Sourcream. It's good to know that it tastes just like authentic Creme Fraiche. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

You're lucky to have had the mild weather this winter.....much easier to get around when you are on crutches, or limping with a cane.

20+ years ago, my husband, Doug, ruptured his achilles tendon playing squash(in Feb). Was in a full cast (hip to ankle) for six weeks, then a half cast for six weeks. Snow and cold were in abundance that winter. He was NOT a happy camper but learned to get around on his crutches in the ice and snow. After one week of me chauffering, he drove himself to the office every day; something I did not condone, but he was very stubborn.

So, as I said, this mild weather has been a blessing to you. Glad you're on your feet again.

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